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Mini Fall Topiary Tutorial

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Mini Fall Topiary Tutorial

It’s time for a little 5 Min Craft with me, Mindy from My Creative Scoop! I’m so excited to share this little project with you all. Don’t you just love Fall! I know it’s my favorite season. The colors, that crisp chill in the air and all the anticipation of the Holidays. I just LOVE Fall!!!

Today I am sharing a Mini Fall Topiary Tutorial with all of you!!

Fall Topiary Tutorial Step (1)

First, gather your supplies. I’m using tons of mini flowers of all kinds all in Fall colors. Oranges, browns and reds of all shades. I bought these little clay pots, styrofoam balls, a dowel and some strong tacky glue.

Fall Topiary Tutorial Step (2)

Then I cut one of the foam balls so it will fit snug inside the pot. Stick the dowel inside then add glue on the dowel so you can slide the 2 styrofoam balls on.


Fall Topiary Tutorial Step (3)


Once you have the styrofoam balls in place, add some more glue on the stick on the top and bottom of each styrofoam ball to keep them in place.

Fall Topiary Tutorial Step (4)

Depending on the size of the pot and styrofoam balls you will need to trim the dowel so your Mini Fall Topiary will be proportioned. Then, add more glue to close up the dowel from showing through the top of the styrofoam ball and securing it on the dowel.

Fall Topiary Tutorial Step (5)



Once the glue on your Mini Fall Topiary starts to dry, then you will start adding the flowers. Notice these flowers have little metal stems. I trimmed each stem down to about 3/4ths of an inch or so. You are going to want to add a little glue to that stem and the bottom of each flower. Just to secure it a little better. Then push the stem all the way through the styrofoam. I went in a little bit of a pattern with the larger flowers and then filled up both of the styrofoam balls.

Fall Topiary Tutorial Step (8)


Once you are finished adding all the flowers to your Mini Fall Topiary we are going to remove the dowel and foam from the pot. Then take a piece of brown cardstock and really distress it. Squish it in a ball, open it up and in a ball until it’s really worked through and ‘soft’.

Fall Topiary Tutorial Step (6)


Then you are going to wrap it around the styrofoam and push it back into the pot and putting the putting the dowel through, this time adding glue to the dowel so it adheres to the styrofoam in the pot. It resembles a little pot full of soil, doesn’t it?

Fall Topiary Tutorial Step (7)


Well, That’s it for this 5 minute craft. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I would love to see different versions of this done. If I have inspired you to create your own Mini Fall Topiary or any themed Topiary I’d love for you to share it!


Mini Fall Topiary Tutorial 1




Mini Fall Topiary Tutorial


You can see more of my crafts over on my blog – My Creative Scoop. Have a great weekend everyone!

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