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Mini Mudroom for a Small Space

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I’m so excited to share with you guys my newest small space that helps with a HUGE organization issue… Our Mini Mudroom.

Mini Mudroom - Keep it all organized in a small space

For those of you with large laundry rooms or designated mudrooms, I must admit, I’m a bit jealous!  From our garage, we go through the laundry room, but it’s seriously maybe 5 inches wider than the width of the washer and dryer.  So no space for shoes/jackets/backpacks/hats there.  I’ve tried making space in our dining nook, but it really isn’t large enough with our dining table and 5 chairs.

Mini Mudroom - Keep it all organized in a small space

Those of you with kiddos know that having a space for all the goods to go as close to the entry doorway as possible increases the likelihood that their goods will go where you want them, right?  So we have this wall space in the kitchen that I thought might just work marvelously.

Mini Mudroom - Keep it all organized in a small space

An organized home is a happier home.  I find that I can think clearer, I’m more productive and it feels more peaceful when my home is organized.

Mini Mudroom - Keep it all organized in a small space

Fashionable and functional storage solutions, can lift your mood, and make a significant style statement.  For this space my starting point was the bench.  I measured the space before heading to HomeGoods.  I wanted to make sure the bench wouldn’t protrude into the walkway between the wall and our kitchen island.

Mini Mudroom - Keep it all organized in a small space

I think I might have even done a little happy dance when I found this bench.  It was the perfect length at 40” and was screaming for some cute baskets underneath.  These HomeGoods baskets are deep and wide enough to fit my shoes.

Mini Mudroom - Keep it all organized in a small space

I love the soft, fluffy gray throw I found at HomeGoods which complements the gorgeous fall tones pillow (another HomeGoods find).

Mini Mudroom - Keep it all organized in a small space

I love a little industrial vibe in a space.  I think it gives your space that feeling like you can use it and it’s not going to break… instantly adding comfort because you’re more relaxed.

Mini Mudroom - Keep it all organized in a small space

So I was thrilled to find these beauties.  I hung 2 of them right next to each other to create plenty of storage.  Lots of hooks for jackets, backpacks, and purses.  The deep storage bins are perfect for hats, scarves, gloves, umbrellas or anything else you want to find easily and need to grab on your way out the door.

Mini Mudroom - Keep it all organized in a small space

So what do you think?  Pretty good use of a little space, right?  How about you… do you have a little space that could be transformed to solve a big organizational issue?

If you want to create this mini mudroom look yourself, here are some great looks.


  1. Every home needs a mudroom for those items that need to be stored to use when not at home. Umbrellas, boots, car keys, etc. I love my mini mudroom for this reason. Yours is so pretty!
    Happy Fall,

  2. LOVE the mudroom – but can you give the details on the tote bag trimmed in leather hanging in the hallway? I’m in LOVE. Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog.

  3. Love, love , love the wall storage- heading to my Home Goods immediately to see if they are available- love what you did!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My front entry could really use some organizing. My husbands work stuff and diaper bags are always scattered by the front door

  5. You have INSPIRED me — I need something on the landing from the kitchen going up to my son’s bedroom (over the garage). It is beside the back door — NOT the mud room (I know poor design). Anyway — this will work I feel certain. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  6. I desperately need to organize my craft room/guest room/office – we’re using one room for so many things and we can’t keep it all straight.

  7. Perfect for a small space. I need to organize my laundry room/mud room also! Have to be creative in those small spaces.

  8. I’m in desperate need of some organization in my master bedroom! I am supposed to have a sewing corner… but somehow its overflowed into the rest of the room! Not the most romantic style. 😉

    And I pinned your image!

  9. We recently moved and we went from a dedicated mudroom to..well having to figure it out! I’ve arranged something in an under the stairs closet (right off the laundry) but I love what you have done with yours !

  10. I am really needing to organize my master bedroom closet. My husband is in the Army, so half of it is filled with his gear and uniforms and it takes up so much space. My side of the closet is lacking organization because I am constantly trying to keep his side in order!

  11. Love the Industrial hangers! You did such a great job in a small space. I don’t have much room either, so this gave me some good ideas. Thanks 🙂

  12. I would love that bench next to our front door! My sewing room is the room that needs the most help. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  13. We are redoing an entire house on a tiny budget after living in a motorhome for 4 years. Need to organize entire house!

  14. Love, love, love, your new space! Right now my closet is my biggest nightmare and needs to be redone in order to make the best use of my space! Thanks for shairng!

  15. I’m not on pinterest, but I hope I can still enter! I love the bench you got; it would be perfect for my space, too! But my highest priority right now is my bedroom closet – it’s a disaster area.

  16. i would like to find a functional way to organize my daughter’s closet. A way that she likes and will probably stick to!

  17. I have a mudroom/laundry room too that desperately needs organized….but I also need something for the front and back door to our house. Shoes tend to build up there too.

  18. I guess my bedroom needs it the most. It is depressing and needs some good organization ideas. I pinned for you.

  19. I really need to reorganize my master bath – just moved into a house and learning to live with a smaller bathroom.

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