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Mini Winter Wonderland

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Don’t you just love anything mini!  There’s just something about them… they’re too cute!  This Mini Winter Wonderland that I have to share with you is easy to put together and would make a great centerpiece or a cute little winter wonderland on any open table space you have.

Mini Winter Wonderland 4

Here’s what I used to put it all together…

Mini Winter Wonderland 2

  • An angled fish bowl styled bowl
  • mini house
  • mini sled
  • mini candy canes
  • faux snow
  • mini snowy trees
  • pom-pom red/green garland

You could of course change it up to your preferences.  Most craft stores how have mini sections, especially during the Christmas season.

Mini Winter Wonderland 1

I started by hanging my pom-pom garland on the mirror behind the dresser my mini winter wonderland was going on.

Then I placed a couple large handfuls of faux snow into the bottom of the bowl.  Then I put my mini house in the center.

Mini Winter Wonderland 3

Then it was just filling in the rest.  Placing the trees where I liked them, then I added the mini wagon, adding a tree in it.  The final touch I added was the candy canes.

This is a fun project that you can literal put together in 5 minutes (if you’re quick at making decisions).  😉

How to Create a Mini Winter Wonderland

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