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Monogram “C” with Ornaments

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All over the catalogs and blogland I’ve been seeing beautiful bulb wreaths.  They are so pretty and I wanted to make something too, but I already had a bulb wreath on my front door.  So… I thought, why not use my wire and shape it into a letter and string on my bulbs.  Of course some letters are much easier to do than others.  Thankfully we’re a “C’” family!

Items Needed:

wire coat hanger

Dollar Tree Ornaments

wire cutters

glue gun (recommended)


Cut the top off your wire coat hanger with you wire cutters and shape your wire into your desired shape.  I used the wire cutters to bend one end up and cinched it against the wire so the bulbs wouldn’t slide off.  Before you gleefully starting stringing on those shiny and glittery bulbs, I would recommend you use a little glue from your glue gun to hold the tops on.  Even if your tops seem snug, once they start getting moved around on your wire they will loosen.

Now you can string away.  I used 4 $1 packages of bulbs from Dollar Tree.    Once they were all on I just cinched the other side.   Add a ribbon to hang (I used my glue gun to hold it in place on the wire).

There’s so many shapes you could do beside monograms.. a candy cane or a tree… endless possibilities!

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  1. GREAT IDEA! My last name begins with a "C" too. I've been making a ornament wreath but ran out of ornaments to complete the circle wreath. I didn't want to buy more because the point was to use what I already had. So, your solution is perfect for me. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Love it Maryann! I've seen the wreath and never thought outside the box (or wreath). Thank you! One more thing to make ha ha lol!!

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