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My Ballard Copy-Cat Painting Part 2

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Yesterday I showed you my “jumping point” idea… this paint from Ballards.


Ballard Designs

In my post here I showed you my part 1, the plywood I chose, the primer, base painting and my sketch.

I planned to change the color scheme completely to match the Pottery Barn duvet cover that is in the guest bedroom.  Here’s the duvet…

So, this morning after dropping the 2 older kiddos at school & stopping by the Dr. to get a TB test so I can volunteer in their school… I got all my supplies together.  Here’s most of them.  Paint, spray bottle with water and some brushes (I used a couple smaller ones too).

I decided which flowers I wanted red’ish and which ones would be creamy white.  Then I just started painting.  I used 3 different shades of red with lighter/brighter reds at the tips of the petals and the darker red mixed with espresso brown at the base of the petals.

For the creamy white I covered the whole petal area and then used water-downed espresso brown paint at the base of the petal and pulling it outward towards the petal tips.

Here’s a glimpse…

For the center of the flowers I mixed a yellow with the espresso brown and just dabbed it in and then put some espresso dots.

Then I traced around the creamy white flowers with a small brush loaded with the espresso brown.

Now the fun twirl-things… adding the whimsy to the painting.  I used a medium size brush and that espresso brown again.

And I keep on twirling.  I used the small brush for some too.  I also added some creamy white streaks to the red flowers and more espresso brown streaks to the creamy white ones.

After looking it over I decided I wanted to outline the red flowers too, so I went back in with my small brush.

Here it is…..

Some close-ups…

I had so much fun making this.  Between stops to help my 4-yr-old change Polly’s clothes (don’t you just despise those plastic stretchy clothes), making lunch and taking her to preschool… I’d say I spent maybe about 2 hours making this.

I can’t wait to hang it.  I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s hung in the room.  I think I’m going to paint the edges of the plywood espresso brown to finish it off.

Anyone have any great ideas on how to hang this?  Guess maybe I should have thought that through first…LOL!  Maybe eye-hooks on either side with wire between?

So what do you think?  I’d love to hear…



I’m joining The Shabby Chic Cottage for Transformation Thursday too.

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  1. Hi MaryAnn! I missed your POPP party this week, but I had to include this wonderful painting in my post today, Wonderful Wall Art.

    Hopefully I'll make your POPP party this week!

  2. Oh wow!!! The only thing I would have done differently is….given you my address so you could ship it to me!!! I love it! I have to try this. Our living room theme is abstract flowers and the prints I bought are ok but your picture would be perfect!

  3. Looks like it turned out beautifully…from what I can see….oooh, your a tease! So clever of you to create your own!

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