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Happy New Years!  I’ve got a New Years Resolutions Printable for you today.  After years of making new year’s resolutions that are forgotten within a month, I’ve chosen to have Daily Resolutions.  I make monthly goals and yearly goals, but I look at one day at a time.  Each day you can start over.  Each day is a new start.  So it doesn’t matter if you messed up yesterday, make it right today.  This printable is all about that.

New Years

New Years Resolution

I use to have my 10 New Year’s Resolutions each year and by the end of January, eight of them had already been forgotten.  Maybe you’re the same way?  I’m all for looking at your life… using wisdom to see the areas you need to improve and change and putting in place the means to make those changes, but for me, a year is just too big of a span.

I like to have 1 goal for my year, but I’m constantly making goals for each month… but then I break them down to daily practical changes (resolutions)… and you know what… if you don’t get it done you always have tomorrow to try again.

So for me… no more New Year’s Resolutions… I find that Daily Resolutions work better for me.

Resolutions click

This New Year’s Resolution Printable is an 8”x10”… you can click the image above to get to the printable.

How about you?   Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  Do they work for you?


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