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Our Teacher & Coach Gifts

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As of today the kiddos are officially on Christmas vacation.  I love this little vacation break.  There’s plenty to do between now and Christmas and they will all be plenty busy after Christmas exploring their new gifts.

Yesterday the kiddos got to delivery gifts to their teachers and coaches.  As I posted earlier this week, we made some of Pioneer Woman’s cookies, white chocolate dipped pretzels and Candy Cane Cocoa.  Click here for that post with the recipes.

Here’s a look at our goodies & the goodie bags we made.  I used Blue Cricket Designs Snowman idea & they turned out so cute!  Very easy and something the kiddos can help with too.

Oh… and I’m almost finished with my daughter’s wardrobe redo.  Do you remember the before pic I shared with you….

She’s all sanded, primed and painted.  It’s taken longer than I wanted with all the end of school activities and actual weather we had last week in California.  I’m still hoping to finish this weekend before Christmas week hits.

Have a great weekend!  I’m taking the kiddos to Sea World today for our last pass visit.


  1. Hi! You've got to help me out…you mentioned going to Sea World…so you can't live to far from me. I know you have posted Pottery Barn finds at an outlet…where?? I used to live on the East Coast and would frequent a Pottery Barn outlet religiously…and I didn't know there was one here. Help!!

  2. You have been busy! The cookies look great and can't wait until we see the reveal on the cabinet. Have a great Christmas.

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