Outdoor Rugs in Blues and Greens

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It’s time to head outside and I’ve got some gorgeous Outdoor Rugs in Blues and Greens to share with you. I love blue and green tones and have them throughout my house. But I also love to carry those colors outside. I live in Southern California, where we can enjoy the outdoors most of the year. So outdoor living is big here, but now that Spring is here, everyone is getting their outdoor spaces ready for the warmer weather. These outdoor rugs are perfect for your patio or deck.

Beautiful Outdoor Rugs in Blue and Green Tones

Over the last decade outdoor living has become even more popular with design options. Now you have so many outdoor rug options that are just as gorgeous as indoor rugs. Outdoor rugs are made for the elements though.

Can outdoor rugs be left outside?

YES!!! They are designed with that purpose in mind. They are made to without the outdoor elements like heat, rain, etc. They are incredible durable and resist fading, perfect for year-round outdoor living.

I hope you love the patio rugs that I’ve put together for you. We’re working on our backyard patio and I can’t wait to update it with a new outdoor patio rug. Adding a new rug instantly updates your outside space.

Outdoor Blue and Green Rugs

Here are some great blue and green rugs to add to your outdoor decor. I also like outdoor rugs in high traffic areas for indoor spaces. They tend to hold up longer.

You can click on the images below to learn all about them. (affiliate links provided for your convenience)

You can also find my favorite indoor Blue and Gray Large Area Rugs and how I painted a Diamond Painted Outdoor Rug.

How to clean outdoor rugs?

I would follow the directions on the rug you purchase, but here’s my favorite way to do it. I will pull the rug out front to my driveway. First I will spot clean. Any spots, stains, etc. I will spray with my favorite spot cleaning rug cleaner. I will let it sit for 20 minutes and then give it a scrub to those areas that had spills.

Then I will hose the whole rug off and see how it looks. Usually that’s all it needs for a great cleaning, refresh.

Over 20 gorgeous Outdoor Rugs in beautiful blue and green tones.


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