Paint Your Own Pumpkin Canvas

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Paint Your Own Pumpkin Canvas

It’s Mindy on the blog today from My Creative Scoop with another fun 5 min craft, this time how to Paint Your Own Pumpkin!

I just love Fall! I don’t do a whole lot of Halloween decorating but I love setting out ‘Fall’ themed decor and going through all of the isles in the stores and looking at all those gorgeous oranges, browns, golds, yellows. LOVE!!! So what better way to decorate your home than a canvas painting.. made by YOU! Yes, by you! Today I’m going to take you step by step to Paint Your Own Pumpkin Canvas. You can make this any size pumpkin on any size canvas. There’s no wrong or right way, art is art.

Paint Your Own Pumpkin

Gather some acrylic paints. Brown, orange, olive,reddish brown, black and white. You’ll also want a cup of water, a couple paper towels, a flat brush and a narrow brush… let’s get started!

Paint Your Own Pumpkin 1

Step 1. Create your pumpkin. I just used my flat paint brush start by creating a top of a heart and do the same for the bottom. You do NOT want this to look even or try to be perfect. Just go with the flow of the brush.

Paint Your Own Pumpkin 2

Step 2. Wipe off the paint and using the the tip of the flat brush on one side put a dab of white paint and the other put the orange again.

Paint Your Own Pumpkin 3

Step 3. Make sure the white tip is facing on up and then create the lines in your pumpkin rounding down towards the bottom of the pumpkin. We aren’t giving the bottom part highlights, there we will add shadows.

Paint Your Own Pumpkin 4

Step 4. Take the thin narrow brush and use the reddish brown paint to add a little definition to the the bumps in the pumpkin. This time you will use the reddish brown on the bottom part of the pumpkin along with the top.  Notice I covered up those white highlights, so I re-added those in the next photo. (Make sure you wipe off the brush with water and your paper towel between colors.)

Paint Your Own Pumpkin 5

Step 5. Now I’ve added those white highlights back to the top. Then taking the brown and a hint of black adding some shadows to the bottom.

Paint Your Own Pumpkin 6

Step 6. Then take your brown paint and create your stem.

Paint Your Own Pumpkin 7

Step 7. Fill the stem in with the brown- but then pick up a little color with the tip of the narrow brush and make that little oval giving the stem that 3d look (come down the stem on each side just a little). After wiping your brush really good, use the olive color and make vines coming from the stem.

Paint Your Own Pumpkin 8

Step 8. I picked up some brown, white and a little black and created this mucky shadow.. it’s a shadow make it look a little messy.

Paint Your Own Pumpkin 9

Step 9. Wipe your brush off and add only more white staring on the outer part of the shadow, just to soften it a little.

PAint your own Pumpkin Canvas Tutorial

How cute is that!? If you try to Paint Your Own Pumpkin Canvas, I would LOVE to see it! Please post your link and share it with us.

Thanks for stopping by today. For more DIY projects and inspiration please visit My Creative Scoop.

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  1. This looks so incredible! Pinned and tweet. Thank you for being a part of our party. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm, because we love to party with you! Happy Halloween~Lou Lou Girls

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