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Paint Swirling DIY Vase

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My readers know that I’m a paint lover… I’ll paint anything.  So for this month’s Thrift Store Decor I did some painting.  I found a beautiful, unique vase recently at a thrift store.  I decided to do some paint swirling with some beautiful beachy colors – blue and green and create a fun DIY vase.

Update a basic vase with paintHere’s the vase before I started to play with it.

Thrift Store VaseSupplies used:

Start by cleaning your vase well.  I put mine in the dishwasher.  Then I used some rubbing alcohol and wiped down the inside to make sure it was really clean and ready for paint.

In 2 different cups I mixed my paints with the clear medium.  I used about 2 parts medium to 1 part paint.  You are using the medium to help thin the glass paint so you can do some paint swirling… plus it won’t dry as fast.

Putting the paint in the bottom of the vase before you swirl it

Once mixed I spooned the paint into the bottom of the vase… putting green on one side and blue on the other.  Then start swirling. I put a piece of wax paper underneath just in case… but the paint is pretty thick.  Spin while it’s turned mostly upside down until you get the look you want.

Twirling the vase to get the paint to swirl

Follow the directions on your glass paint to see how long you need to let it dry or if you have the option of speeding up that process in the oven.

Swirling Painting on a vase

And you’ll end up with a fun vase with swirl painting… love it!

Use Glass Paint to create a modern swirl vase

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