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Painted Downstairs Bathroom

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Our downstairs bathroom is getting a makeover and phase 1 was giving the downstairs bathroom a paint makeover.  I knew I wanted to stay in the blue paint family, but I wanted something more subdued with more gray tones to go with our downstairs main color.

So I took a trip to our local Dunn-Edwards to have a chat with their color consultant to help me pick out a new color for our bathroom.  I brought a photo of our bathroom in it’s current state, a sample of our flooring and photo of the shower curtain I had just recently purchased (and LOVE) and want to keep.

Soon we had narrowed down our choice to 3 gorgeous colors.  I eventually decided to go with Anchors Away (top right color).  The next day I came back and picked up my Suprema Semi Gloss paint so I could get to work.

I’m one of those people who finds painting to be therapeutic.  There’s something relaxing about painting, yet so exciting to know that within a few hours you can completely transform the look of a room.

And here’s our bathroom now!

I love the Anchors Away – it’s a gorgeous blue that goes great with our new floors and the gray I have in the hallway.

I looks great next to the crisp, white board and batten too.

You can receive a Dunn-Edwards FREE color consultation service and download a FREE sample coupon valid for one 8 oz. Perfect Palette® Sampler™ at any Dunn-Edwards store. *Coupon is valid until August, 31 2017.

Their color consultation service is great, especially if you have a hard time picking a paint color.  They can help you narrow down your choices and point you towards the paint to makeover a room in your home too.

So happy painting friends!



  1. Thanks for the article, Maryann!
    I love that blue color you chose, although I’d like a bit brighter one.
    By the way, I also usually find painting to be therapeutic, although when I painted my bathroom, I didn’t think so as it’s a pretty small room without proper ventilation. I even had a feeling that it was difficult to breathe. Ok, now I know some tips, like using more fans. But yeah, despite that, it’s nice

  2. Sure would love to receive a sample of Dunn Edwards paint but there are no stores in Grand Junction, CO.
    Love the blue you chose, clean, bright and oh so pretty. But then am a blue color person myself. Currently more into aquas but that’s still blue right?
    Your bathroom must be really shining for you now, like new room, great pick. Enjoy new color and refreshed bathroom.
    Our bathroom will be getting refreshed and is about time. Hubs painted bathroom really pretty light green with gray tint. Still love it but has been that color for 10 yrs. installing new toilet tomorrow so might as well give room new look. You have inspired me with your fresh color.
    Have a wonderful new week.

  3. love it! I just finished taking the old border off my bathroom wall and painting it a pretty grey and put accents of black and white and grey to match the ‘stone pebble tiles’ we put on the counter top/sink area:) so fun to be creative! Then I popped in some blue (vase/ candle holder) to match the tones of a nice watercolour painting our niece did for us before she got married. And finally I made two simple ‘stone art pictures’ for fun:)

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