Painting for the Master… Part One

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In planning our master bedroom makeover, I decided I wanted one wall to be a gallery wall.  I’m working on an assortment of sentimental goodies to fill my long wall, but I decided early on that I also wanted to paint a piece of art for our bedroom.

Here is my finished painting and here is the Ballard Designs artwork that was my inspiration…

Enchanted II Giclée Print

Alrighty… let’s get started on the “HOW TO”…


4 16”x20” canvases

Paint Brushes in the following sizes: 1/8” 1/4” and 1/2” and a 1” foam brush

Mallie at DecoArt sent me their amazing Americana acrylic paints in the following colors: Dried Basil Green, Celery Green, Traditional Raw Umber, Shale Green, Snow (Titanium) White, Driftwood and Cool Neutral

Benjamin Moore’s Serenata paint

Spray bottle of water

{How to}

#1… I started by giving all 4 canvases a base coat of Benjamin Moore’s Serenata paint.  This is the same color that I painted the wall of our master bedroom.  I used the foam brush to paint the base coat.

#2… Decide to stop overthinking!  I think this is the hardest step of painting.  I know my personality is very logical, but to paint this style of painting you can’t overthink!   Remember if you HATE it, you can paint over it!!!!

#3… I started with Shale Green first…

There really is no rhythm or reason to where I placed the paint… just swish it around where ever you want.  (I used the 1/2” brush).

#4… Driftwood was next…

You can see that some are kind of a cloud effect and others are just swish back and forth (I know, such technical terms).

#5… Add some Celery Green.

#6… Add some Snow White and then lightly spray the white paint and blend it with the colors around it.

#7… I did the same with Raw Umber and Cool Neutral.  I painted some of each color around the canvases and then sprayed those painted areas lightly with water.  Sometimes I would blend the whole area, other types I would just feather the outer edges into the colors around it.

#8… Then I took some of the Benjamin Moore Serenata paint (which is the base coat color) and painted, sprayed and blended some more.  I mainly focused with the blue  on any areas that seemed to harsh or dominant.  I wanted the background to have lots of layers, but to be serene.

Any questions? Smile 

Tomorrow I’ll share how I did the branches… super easy!

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  1. Wow, you make me believe that even I might be able to do this. You are so gifted at making it all understandable. Looking forward to next post.

  2. Wow. Definitely wow. I can't believe how easy you've made this look. I really do like yours better, especially the four canvases. That really adds some interest to it. Way to go.

  3. Oh my gosh I'm so intimidated by paint brushes! You would have to hold my hand litteraly and show me how to stroke the canvas. Trust me I've tried! Thank you for linking up this great project! I'd love to have you back next week with another one =)


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