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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GOOD THiNS through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about GOOD THiNS, all opinions are my own.  

With three kiddos life is busy!  Between getting kids to school, sports, activities… and making sure everyone has eaten it feels like from 3pm on life is a marathon.  I discovered a great pantry organization trick that makes after school snacking (for kiddos and mom) easy; plus it makes getting lunches made a breeze!

Here’s what I’ve done.  I found 3 clear storage containers.  They are a little bigger than shoe box size.  On Sunday afternoon/evening I prep snack baggies for the week.  I use my snack size and sandwich size baggies and get snacks set for lunches and for after school activities.

This is such a HUGE time saver.  We typically will make lunch the night before, but those days when we’ve had a late school night out and the lunches don’t get made… having everything ready to grab and stuff in the lunch boxes sure helps with getting everyone to school on time.

Pantry Organization for easy lunch and snacks

One of my favorite new snacks are GOOD THiNS.  I love the sweet potato one.  I love making sweet potato fries and this reminds me of them.  They are lightly sweet with a great crunch.  I find having “Mom” snacks ready is important too.  So I prep snacks for myself too.  That way when I’m running out the door to take the youngest to gymnastics I can grab a bag to snack on while watching her.

Good THiNS Sweet Potato perfect for snacking on the go

Have you tried GOOD THiNS?  I can’t wait to try the Garlic & Herb and the Spinach & Garlic ones.  If you’ve tried them which ones are your favorites?


Who better to stoke the flames of passion for GOOD THiNS, The Potato One, Original Potato than an actor straight off the cover of a cliché romance paperback novel!

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