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Pet Food Storage Bin | Thrift Store Copper Tin

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It’s a new year and the girls with our monthly Thrift Store Decor team are back at it.  This month I’ve got an easy Pet Food Storage Bin that I made from a Copper Tin that I found at the Thrift Store.  I’m working on getting the home organized so I figured why not tackle Mitten’s area.  Here’s what I made…

Pet Food Storage Bin from a Copper Cookie Tin

I found the cutest copper cookie tin at the thrift store.  I love copper and the tin was the perfect size to storage her treats.

Copper Cookie Tin I found at Thrift Store

I went for the easiest DIY update possible using chalkboard contact paper (affiliate link included).  Have you used this stuff before?  It’s amazing!  Super easy to use… no multiple layers of chalkboard paint to dry and then let it cure.  Just cut it to size and stick it on.

Pet Food Storage Bin a Thrift Store Copper Cookie Tin

I love how it turned out!  I used a chalkboard marker to personalize it for our sweet Mittens.

Pet Food Storage Bin for our Cat from a Thrift Store Cookie Tin

Mittens was eager to figure out how to open her new pet food storage bin.

Cat Pet Food Storage Bin from a Copper Cookie Tin

Thankfully the tin stayed closed.

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  1. Hey, Maryann, that storage is awesome. I need to find one of the same types too because I seriously think it would look great on my kitchen (plus I need to store my kitty’s food too). That being said, your cat, is super cute.

  2. Very cool pet food storage idea! I also am thinking of making or buying a special box for the food of my dog because once I open the bag I can’t close it good anymore. Thanks for sharing! Really cool idea!

  3. I almost updated a pet food bin this month too but it wasn’t a pretty copper like yours. Instead I cleaned out the pet shelf, which was long over due.

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