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PBK Picture Frame Knob…

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Have you seen these cute knob hangers at Pottery Barn Kids?


I think they are super adorable!

So what’s a girl to do, but make her own of course…

This cute flower art is hanging in my youngest daughter’s bedroom.    Let me show you how I made my cute hanging knob. 

I just purchased knobs from my favorite store.  Ssshhhh… now here’s my trick…

I just put a little nail in the wall and slip my knob on top.  SO SIMPLE.. LOVE IT!  Just make sure you have a nail with a small enough head to slip into your knob base.



  1. Now that is just genius! I love your trick! All my walls are cement and crazy hard to drill into so I have to resort to plastic sticky hooks.They hold well but are ugly. I am going to have to try your trick and see if I can't make them prettier!

  2. Oh I love this because it's so darn cute and Simple too! The easy projects are always my favorite. Thanks for linkin' up to FF!

  3. This knob on a nail thing never occurred to me. Brilliant. I always wanted to do this but never knew (or had) the right hardward to use. So great. THANK YOU for sharing!

  4. I love all you girls that come up with a cheaper version of some expensive store. I love Ballard etc. but too expensive for me. I like to see how creative yall become when you makeover something.

  5. Great job….they turned out so cute! This is my first time visit and have really enjoyed visiting. I have become a follower. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing projects.

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