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Pine Wood Laundry Countertop

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Hi Friends… well I’m finally getting around to sharing a pin I tried.  Remember back towards the beginning of summer I asked you guys to vote on which Pinterest pin I should try?  Well… the overwhelming winner was making a countertop.  Well it took me a couple months to finish, but I tried it out plus I combined it with another pin. (Hopefully that makes up for my slow return)  First let me show you what I made and then I’ll backtrack.

Creating a "Laundry" countertop with pine boards with a fun writing in stain trick

Cleverly Inspired’s $10 wood countertop was my inspiration.  I wanted a countertop to place on top of our washer and dryer ~ but I didn’t want to spend much $$.   I’m not going to rehash her great tutorial here (you can click that link to get her awesome tutorial) but the basic concept is using pine boards… gluing them together to create your countertop… and finishing with stain and polycrylic.  I loved her countertops, but I thought I’d have some fun in the laundry room…. so why not try another pin.

The Ambitious Procrastinator shared how she used wood glue and a stencil to create a oh-so-cool cabinet.  The concept is that where you put wood glue won’t change when you apply stain.  So I thought – how fun to write with wood glue!

Here’s what I used:  (affiliate links included for your convenience)

Creating a "Laundry" countertop

Here you can see the countertop pre-stained.  It had been glued together, used wood filler between the boards and sanded really well.  Then with a cheap foam paint brush I free handed “Laundry” with wood glue.

I only used 1 coat of stain to get the look I wanted.

Creating a "Laundry" countertop

The “Laundry” areas looked a bit covered, but when I wiped the excess stain off you could definitely see the word.

Once dry I gave it all a light sanding before applying 2 coats of polycrylic.  When I sanded it you could see the word even better.

Creating a "Laundry" countertop

The results ~  both Pins were a “thumbs up” from me!  I’m actually considering this on our kitchen countertops… maybe the island?

If you’ve been around the last month you might be thinking I’ve got creative ADD… yep I think so.  I’ve got my hands in our master bath, the kitchen and now the laundry room.  This is the first project in the laundry room makeover.  I’ve got plans to build a platform for the washer & dryer, new window treatments and new flooring… lots of new.

Creating a "Laundry" countertop

The countertop has definitely made a statement in this small room.

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  1. Hi Maryanne. Love this idea, how does it fit against the back wall where all the cords and water lines are? My washer/dryer have cords and hoses. Did you notch out for these. Can’t see the entire countertop from the picture.

  2. Turned out great! AND you’ve given me an idea. My controls for my washer and dryer are on the back of them, and I’ve always wanted a shelf right above them. I could get some plain metal shelf brackets and stain a pine board to put there. It would be so much more convenient, and it would also make it look nicer.

    Oh, dear, you’ve just given me LOTS of idea that I can do with pine boards in my laundry room!!!

  3. I’m wondering–is it attached to the wall or does it just rest on the washer & dryer? If it’s just resting on them, do you have any problems with it moving when the washer & dryer are going? It looks great! I’d like to do something similar when we upgrade to front-loading.

    1. Hi Karen ~ The countertop is sitting right on the washer and dryer. I did use some of those little padded circles (like you’d put on chair legs to not scratch the floor) so the wood wouldn’t damage the tops of the washer and dryer. From my experience with front loaders they don’t move around much, if at all… nothing like the top loaders.

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