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Hello there, fantastic Domestically Speaking readers! It’s Laura from Inspiration for Moms. I’m back with another fun printable just for you. I’m sure you’ve heard of different fruits used to describe people. Maybe something along the lines of pear shaped or apple. But here’s my question to you…why don’t you be a pineapple instead? I’ve probably just lost you right about now but stick with me. We all can all be better people just by observing a simple pineapple. Just take a look at this months printable to see what I mean…

Be A Pineapple with this cute Pineapple Printable

Pineapple Printable


(to print, simply right click on the image and save to your computer)

No hunching over, be proud of you and stand tall! Put on that invisible crown and thank the One who blesses you. And last but definitely not least…be sweet. The world so badly needs more sweet people that are running over with compassion and love. See…you want to be a pineapple. Now, you may have noticed I put the pineapple upside down. That was no accident my friend. I know we all have unique qualities that make our “sweetness” so special.  Be a pineapple but be your kind of pineapple.

Be A Pineapple - Free Inspirational Pineapple Printable - Dare to be a Pineapple


I hope you will place this printable in a special place to remind you of your strengths and amazing qualities. I’m thinking about placing my on my bathroom vanity. I always need a little extra boost of confidence when I’m getting ready in the morning! 😉

I hope you are enjoying your summer to the fullest! I can’t wait to visit with you again next month with a brand new printable.  Take care, my pineapple friends and please stop by Inspiration for Moms anytime to say “Hi!”.

Here’s some items you might need to make your own printables…


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  2. Hey there, this is inspirational quote, think am needing to think differently about myself. Thanks so much for sharing this. Have lovely rest of week.

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