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Printable Father’s Day Quote With DIY Wood Cleat

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Printable Father's Day Quote and DIY Wood Cleat


I’m back!! It’s Kristie from The House on Stanford. If you guys are anything like me, you struggle to pick out that “perfect” gift for Father’s Day. I’m always debating between something meaningful and heartfelt, or something practical, or maybe a tie, but then the husband hates to get clothes…Ahhhhh! It’s so hard! I always stress over it, and truthfully, I bet my husband could care less what he gets. That’s besides the point. This year I decided to go with a more meaningful gift. I designed this quote (didn’t write it, just designed the layout) which describes my husband perfectly, especially the singer of songs, and added a wood cleat at the top to hang it.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Quote printed on card stock

2 pieces of scrap wood cut 8 1/2″ long

staple gun and staples



twine/rope/string/ribbon (whatever you want to hang yours from) 14″ long


This project was SO easy! First off, start by printing your quote. Once your quote is printed start by stapling twine (or whatever you’ve selected) to one of your pieces of wood. Be sure to leave the twine long enough that you can fold it over and staple it again.

IMG_3884This way the twine won’t slide out from between the boards.

IMG_3886Once you have both sides of your twine stapled to the board, position your quote where you want it to be and secure it with a piece of tape. This will make sure it doesn’t move while you attach the other board with screws.


After you get everything lined up perfectly I’d recommend using a clamp to hold everything into place while you add screws. I’d say either a clamp or somebody else who can hold it REALLY tight. Otherwise you might want to scream!


1 screw on each side should do the trick.

Printable Father's Day Quote and DIY Wood Cleat

Just like that, you have an easy, heartfelt, homemade, Father’s Day gift! I told you this was an easy project! I can’t wait to see what the hubs thinks about it. Don’t worry, he’s not a social media guy so he won’t see it.

Thanks again for letting me hang out with you at Domestically Speaking. Come visit me over at The House on Stanford. You can also find me on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram.

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