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Printable Notes for Spring

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Hello Sunshine!

Do you feel a little Spring coming around the corner?  We are looking for every glimpse of sun we can find, even if we have to create our own!  This time of year, we like to switch out our cool, crisp winter color palatte for something with a pop of color to hint at the tulips and daffodils that are on their way.  Spring also feels like a time to come out of our social hibernation and jotting down a quick note to a friend might just refresh their day.  Even if it’s just to say “hi.”
Printable Spring Notes
For our printable this month, Karen June has created a sweet notecard and envelope liner.  If you have the ability to print something double-sided, your cards can be printed with the hexagon pattern on the back (we recommend using card stock).  Print out that same pattern on a separate sheet (something thinner such as regular weight copy paper) for the liners.  Take your envelope and simply trace the entire shape of it with the flap open.  Measure in about a 1/4″ on all sides, cut out and glue onto the inside of your envelope.  You only have to glue the edges of the flap.  The lower part can just slide into the envelope without glue.
Click on these links to download the notes:
SpringNotesPattern (1) SpringNotes (1)
Happy Spring!
Karen June & Zandra
Little Yellow Couch


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