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Pumpkin DIY, Decor and Recipes

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This month’s DIY Housewives is all about Pumpkins!!!  Pumpkin DIY, Decor and Recipes just for your inspiration.

Pumpkin DIY, Decor and Recipes

You can find all of my Pumpkin Ideas HERE!

Let’s check out what the ladies have for you this month…

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  1. So many fun and wonderful ideas for those pumpkins, love them all. Where would I put all those pumpkins if I were to make them? Too bad we aren’t doing the craft show at Tractor Supply tomorrow? Good thing we backed out as I got a very early Fall flu which knocked me on my fanny, still not feeling real good and get so darned tired so quickly.
    Had backed out as I realized with my darn arthritic hands doing anything is such a struggle every day, better not to cause myself any more stress. When they say getting old isn’t for sissies, no kidding. Harder when your head says it wants to do all these great projects and your hands say no way. Even worse getting doggoned flu. But learned a lesson, hard to accept.
    Won’t stop me from making things when I can tho, just takes me lot longer than it used to, sigh. There’s so many adorable projects that are still doable, have to give them a try. Blog land is so full of inspiration, need to pick more doable things for my abilities.
    So glad you rounded up all these awesome projects in one place, how many will you make? Have fun with whatever you decide to do.
    Happy weekend

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