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Roadside Armoire Makeover

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Happy Monday guys!  Hope your weekend was fabulous.  Don’t you love when you score free furniture!  Our neighbors were trying to sell their old armoire at a garage sale.  The piece is big… and rough.  They wanted $25 by the end of the day, but I decided to wait.  The next day their kids came by asking if I still wanted the piece… if so, it was mine for free.  SCORE!   All she needed was some paint to give her a whole new look.

Old Armoire updated with Gray Paint

Sweet Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage sent me some Maison Blanche to try out.

Old Armoire updated with Gray Paint

I picked out Franciscan Gray.  It’s a gorgeous light-to-medium gray.    This paint is awesome because it takes no prep work.  I didn’t sand… I just gave it a good wipe down with a wet paper towel.

Old Armoire updated with Gray Paint

Certain areas I almost dry brushed it.  This armoire is a very “rough” piece, so I wanted to match it’s style with peak-a-boos of the wood coming through.

Old Armoire updated with Gray Paint

The insides of the doors I painted with chalkboard paint.  Can you believe it’s only 17 days till Thanksgiving!

Old Armoire updated with Gray Paint

And of course you want to see the before…

armoire before

and one more look at the after…

Old Armoire updated with Gray Paint

I can tell you that I loved the paint.  It went on super smoothly and covered just perfectly.  I finished it off with some wax.  If you’re in the market for some new paint or just want to try Maison Blanche paints, then Shannon is your gal.

Thanks for stopping by friends!

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  1. I have this exact armoire and am tired of the look of it. I am so doing this, but in more of a antique white. Thanks so much for your info :o)

  2. I have this VERY pine armoire! I bought it in Nashville in 1999! I just recently painted mine white as well! I also went over it with sandpaper to make it look a bit more shabby chic and worn! I paid almost $1,000.00 for mine! YIU GOT YOUR SELF A BARGAIN!!! and it is HEAVY AS LED! We bought it to house our big box tv before the flat ones came out! It serves NO purpose now! However, I can’t bring myself to get rid of it! Yours looks great! 🙂

    1. Can’t believe neighbor did not want
      Nor u didn’t want to do 25.
      This is still my FAVORITE piece
      Of furniture, paid 1,000 in Atlanta
      1997. I don’t think I’m capable of
      Painting. Is Annie Sloan a one step
      Paint, I need advice on simple

      1. Hi Paulette, Yes Annie Sloan is typical a great, easy one-step paint. There are some surfaces it doesn’t work as well on, so check the label. Happy Painting!

  3. I adore this armoire! 🙂 I have a question about the paint – in the picture it looks more white than the color chip sample appears to be. Does it dry lighter or is it just kind of an photo illusion? I love the color but I think I would want it be be more Antique white than gray for my decor. I am just trying to figure out which color to get. I have an armoire I am thinking about doing this to…

    1. Hi Eileen~ It’s definitely on the lighter gray side. My beadboard behind is white and it’s not popping against it. It’s a beautiful shade but if you’re wanting something more in the medium gray you’d probably want to pick a different one.

  4. What a great find and what a little paint can do. I love painted furniture and have several projects in the works. Nice job.

  5. Hi Maryann ! I love such transformations !! I always believe alittle change of color can give such a boost to any furniture ! lOVE what you did with the armoire.

  6. What a beautiful piece! Love how it turned out including the chalkboard paint inside the doors.

    I grinned when I saw the before pic…love what was used to tie the door shut!

  7. WOW! That looks fantastic. You did a great job. Are you still friends with your neighbors? I bet they wish they had kept it after they saw how good you made it look.

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