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Well summer is over for us, well unofficially.  School started this last week which means the running here and there and out of town all the time has come to an end.  This summer we were on the road ALOT with trips to the beach, passes to Sea World and 2 out of state road trips.

Roadtrip Domestically Speaking

We loved every minute of it, but it definitely takes a toll on your vehicle & my van is getting up there in age… we passed the 200,000 maker earlier this year.

So this week my van had some work done.  She went in for her oil change and we stopped by Pep Boys to pick up some Techron Fuel System Cleaner.

Techron Domestically Speaking

We all know our vehicles run best when they are clean and debris free.  Here's some of the perks of using Techron's Fuel System Cleaner.

  • A CLEANER ENGINE: Techron® is proven to be effective at keeping your engine clean. The perk is maximum power, lower emissions and maximized fuel economy. LOVE that!
  • MAXIMUM POWER: In order for your engine to have it's maximum power, your engine can't have deposits that clog your valves and fuel injectors. Deposits rob your engine of power. So when you need that giddyup your vehicle is ready.
  • LOWER EMISSIONS: Engines are designed to run their very best when parts are kept clean. A dirty engine burns fuel less efficiently creating more tailpipe emissions than it should. Lower emissions means cleaner air for all of us.
  • MAXIMIZED FUEL ECONOMY: Now this is a big one with the price of gas, right! A dirty engine can reduce the mileage you get from a tank of gas. A clean engine helps your vehicles's gas fuel to air ratio be the best it can be, so you can use every drop of EXPENSIVE gasoline.


This video shows how it works for all of us visual folks:


Now using Techron Fuel System Cleaner is a piece of cake!  When your vehicle is nearing empty take the cleaner with you to the gas station.  

Techron Domestically Speaking


Before putting in your gas, pour the bottle of Techron Fuel System Cleaner into your gas tank.


Once it's empty proceed to fill up your vehicle… see piece of cake!

It's recommended that you use Techron Fuel System every 3,000 miles, so it's the perfect tag-along with your oil change.

You can Find a Pep Boys Near You to get your own Techron Fuel System!

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