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DIY Plans for Rope Spool Side Table

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Hi there, Readers! This is Cher from Designs by Studio C with another fabulous DIY project! Once again, I have been perusing the pages of the Ballard Designs catalog when I came across this awesome spool table. I created a less expensive version that also has storage just like the original piece and I spent – get this – approximately $50 on it!

Ballard Spool Side Table

I used narrower rope because the thick stuff was way too expensive ($1.20 per foot multiplied by about 50 ft equals too much money) and to me, it looks more like a spool of sewing thread. I used wood rounds from the home improvement store and a concrete tube form as the center. The bottom has nail-on furniture glides attached to protect the floor and the top can be stenciled however you choose!

Stencil Topped Rope Spool Side Table

Rope Spool Side Table Materials:

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  • 2 – 17-3/4″ diameter wood rounds
  • 1 – 12″ concrete tube form
  • 2 – 13″ square scrap pieces of plywood
  • 8 – 1-1/2″ screws
  • Wood glue
  • 1″ staples for a pneumatic stapler or 3/4″ screws
  • Stain and sealer of choice
  • 4 – Nail-on furniture glides
  • Spray paint (for tube)
  • 4 rolls of 3/8″ x 50ft. sisal rope
  • 2 tubes of Liquid Nails
  • Stencil of choice and craft paint, optional

Tools Needed:

Step One

Cut a piece of the tube at 18″ tall. I drew a line around the tube, then used a hacksaw to start the cut. I used my jigsaw to finish the cut. Spray paint the tube. I used brown spray paint and it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to cover the gold color of the tube in case there are gaps in the rope when it is applied.

Spray Painting the center of your Rope Spool Table

Step Two

Mark the center of each of the plywood pieces by drawing diagonal lines across the boards. Measure the inside diameter of the tube – this measurement may vary from tube to tube. Draw a circle on the plywood pieces using a string, pushpin and pencil at the radius of the tube. Cut out the circles with a jigsaw. Test fit the circles in the ends of the tube. Trim as necessary.

Step Three

Center the smaller plywood circles on the wood rounds. Secure in place using wood glue and 1-1/2″ screws. Stain and seal these pieces as desired. Add the nail-on furniture glides to the piece that will be used as the bottom.

Building Your Spool Side Table

Protective base for your floors

Step Four

Place the tube on one of the wood rounds, over the plywood circle. It should fit snugly. Secure the tube to the plywood circle using a pneumatic stapler and 1″ staples or 3/4″ screws. Install the nail-on glides on the bottom of the wood round.

Putting your Rope Spool Table together get the full diy tutorial here

Step Five

Apply a bit of Liquid Nails on the tube and start wrapping the rope around the tube covering the raw end of the rope. Continue wrapping the rope around the tube butting the ends as you go and applying the Liquid Nails as needed.

Adding the rope to your Ballard Inspired Spool Table

Set the top round on the tube with the plywood circle inside the tube. Add a stencil to the top as desired.

Adding a stencil to the top of your rope spool side table

Ballard Inspired Rope Spool Side Table a great DIY project with the step by step tutorial so you can make it yourself

The top lifts off of the tube for storage and can house a couple of afghans or small pillows. Super-easy, right? This table would be fabulous built as a pair and used as nightstands in a bedroom! Until next time…


  1. This LOOKS AWESOME Cher👍🏼♥️👏🏼TOTALLY COOL!!! I Would NEVER HAVE guessed That Inside WAS A Concrete MOLD!! I JUST ❤️ CREATIVITY, BUt I Think It’s Crazy WHAT We Get Charged FOR things in the STORES 😱😡👎🏼THANK YOU For Sharing😊G-d♥️Bless

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  3. What a cool idea!! I love the way it turned out and I never would have guessed how it was put together by just looking at it. I chose this project as my feature this week at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. WOW! This end table is adorable. I can’t believe it is so easy to make. I’m adding this to my hubby’s Honey Do List. Thanks for the tutorial!

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