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A Rosette For My Lonely Pillow

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After adding my cute ruffle stripe on one of my brown pillows, my other brown pillow was still looking boring and now a little left out!

I didn’t want to do the same thing again, so I though… how about a rosette cluster???

So I cut some more of my skirt fabric  ~ see above link if your confused :-).  This time I cut different size circles.  The largest was probably 4 inches and the smallest around 2 inches.

This time I layered the fabric – doing 2 circles together.

I folded the circle in half like this…

Then make an “S” shape

Then I stitched back and forth and sewed the rosettes on like with my ruffle pillow.  I attached three clusters to make this rosette.

See it was kinda floppy!

So I stitched the 3 clusters together to make it look right.

Whatcha think?

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