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Scallop {How to}

Thanks for Sharing!

I promised to share with you all how I painted my daughter’s scalloped wall… so without further ado… here’s the details on how to do this cute paint detail.



long level or yard stick

paper plate






I decided to make my initial measurement at 8 inches from the ceiling.  I decided on this height based on the doorframe and closet frame in her bedroom.   I wanted to see most of the scallop detail!

I took a ruler and measured 8 inch marks around the room, about 3 feet apart.

Then I took my long level and connected the lines to make a continual line around the room at 8 inches from the ceiling.

To create the scallop I took a cheap paper plate and folded it in half.


I took the flat edge of the folded paper plate and placed it along the line.  I started at one of the corners of the room and worked my ways around, tracing around the curved base of the plate to create the cute scallop.

Here you can see how I handled the corners of the room.  The beauty of the paper plate… it bends!

Then I took my Checkerberry pink paint by Glidden and my Purdy 1 1/2 XL brush (I LOVE this brush) to cut in.

Here’s a pic of what this brush looks like…

Purdy 1-1/2" XL-Glide Paint Brush

I bought mine when we moved here almost  3 years ago.  I’ve used it to cut in all the painting I’ve done in this house… great around the ceilings, baseboards, kitchen cabinets… you name it!

Then I used this cute thin roller (love this one too) to fill it all in.

Here she is all pink before I added the little green dot.

This is where I used the nifty Q-tip to make the cute little dot that really completes this project…

The green paint in her room is called Celery Sprig by Behr.

I spread this project over a few days, but in total it took probably around 2 hours.

2 hours = HUGE transformation… LOVE it!

If you missed all the other pics of her pink scalloping you can check them out HERE.


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  1. SO ADORABLE!! Thanks for such a great tutorial (you're so brave!) and for linking up to Style Feature Saturday! Awesome! -shaunna 🙂

  2. I love your scallops!!!!

    They are soooo precious!!!
    Great job!!!

    I just discovered your blog and I am sooo glad that I did!!!

  3. Very clever, and great results! Makes me wish my girls were a bit younger – they are closing in on the teenage years, so a scallop probably wouldn't be the look, but I adore it.

  4. This is almost exactly like the paint treatment I did in my daughter's room a few years ago. Only we painted the scallops the other direction and the bottom 2/3 are pink and the upper 1/3 is green. I measured the walls exactly and then determined what would make an even amount of scallops and made a scallop pattern. I also borrowed my brother's laser level. I just love this look. We're ready to make some changes in her room and I will miss that paint job. Your little dot accent is adorable. Wish I had done that! 🙂

  5. Such a wonderful project with so much pleasure gained in the results; the room looks so sweet!! Question: Did your scallops meet up perfectly at the beggining/end, or did you have to make one scallop smaller/larger?
    Wish I had a little girl!! 😉

  6. love it…you are right, the little q-tip dot is what really sets it off…what a lucky little girl!

  7. that turned out so seriously cute! very creative technique. I'm totally saving this link for future reference. 🙂

  8. So cute & the dot does make it! It looks like your walls have some light texture. That's what we have and I thought it would be such a pain to try and paint designs. I think I'll try this when I redo my laundry room.

  9. Another friday's favorite for sure~
    I need a little sumpin-sumpin in my guest bathroom!

  10. OMGosh! That is super cute and I think I could tackle it in my little girls room!! Thank you for the inspiration! And thank you for the comment on my blog…I am thrilled that you will be putting it in the PoPP Spotlight Saturday!! Yay!!

  11. Great tutorial…love the paper plate idea!! The room looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love this treatment. And the dot at the top of each scallop really makes it stand out. Beautiful idea and execution.

  13. Thanks for the tutorial and for telling us the paint color I am all over this project, thanks for sharing!

  14. I love this look! I think I'll do this in my soon-to-be-3-year old's (sniff, sniff) bedroom. I'm so glad you shared about your paper plate trick…I was concerned about those corners! I love Lori's idea for a rhinestone…
    Great job!

  15. A paper plate how perfect and easy. The dot is the finishing touch, maybe a rhinestone or two would add some glam.

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