Seeded Glass Mini Pendant Light

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Today I’m sharing how to install this beautiful Seeded Glass Mini Pendant Light in a recessed lighting spot. Updating this light has been on my to-do list since I started my kitchen makeover years ago. Our kitchen makeover has been a long work in progress, but it’s almost finally done!

Seeded Glass Mini Pendant Light

I loved the look of this vintage, brushed nickel pendant. It’s a crazy deal too. Anyone else just adore seeded glass?

Seeded Glass Mini Pendant Light Supplies:

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How to Install Recessed Light Converter

The first step is turning off the power! I went to our breaker box and was able to just switch off the power to this area. If you aren’t 100% sure, I recommend turning off all the power to be safe. Next, you want to remove your recessed light cover. I inserted a flat head screwdriver between the cover and the ceiling. This will help to lower/loosen the cover.

Installing a recessed lighting kit

Follow the directions on your kit, but my next step was twisting in the converter plug (just twists into the light bulb spot). Then I installed the bar across that will support the weight of your pendant light. (these are all included in the kit I linked to above) Installing the bar was the hardest part. You need to drill into the metal frame, and with the hands over your head, plus a hard angle, it’s a challenge…. but it’s totally doable!

Connecting the wires to install the recessed lighting converter kit.

Now it’s time to connect the wires. Make sure to double-check that you are connecting everything correctly, you don’t want to redo anything.

Installing the plate cover for the pendant light.

Add the final decorative cover for that plate is the final step.

Seeded Glass Pendant hanging over the kitchen sink.

I just love how the seeded glass pendant looks over my kitchen sink. It adds some glam and sparkle to the space.

 Seeded glass pendant

It’s amazing how easily you can turn canned lighting into a beautiful pendant light.

How to Turn Recess Lighting into a Pendant Light with this easy tutorial.


  1. I love the light! And this is exactly the project that we want to do in our kitchen! Where did you get the light and the conversion kit? Thanks for posting this wonderful project.

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