Simple Stamped Card Door Hanger

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Happy August, DS readers! It’s Erin from Elizabeth Joan Designs and I hope you are having a great month. I’m so excited to be back to share simple 5 minute craft with you. Last month, I showed you how to whip up some rustic Painted Fieldstone Bookends in no time. If you missed that post, definitely check it out. Now I want to share with you this Simple Stamped Card Door Hanger!

Ballerina Stamped Door Hanger

Simple Stamped Card Door Hanger

I have two kids and privacy in our home is something that is becoming more of a requirement for our 11-year-old daughter. (Totally a preteen thing, right?) Sometimes our rambunctious 5-year-old boy misses the cue that a closed bedroom door is not an open invitation to waltz in. I’m not a huge fan of locking interior doors, so with my daughter’s help, we came up with a cute ballerina door hanger to let her brother know when it was OK to enter or not.

So let me show you how to make it: {affiliate links included for your convenience, read more here}

Simple Stamped Card Door Hanger Supply List


To start, I found this ballerina print over at The Graphics Fairy and printed it out on regular cardstock. You could also use a fun card you’ve received in the mail from a friend or family member, making this project more sentimental.

Supplies Card Stamps Twine Craft Sticks

Next, we used the letter stamps and some black acrylic paint to add the word “welcome” to the front side of the card and “shhh…” to the back side. I would have used an ink pad, but couldn’t find mine and the paint seemed to work in a pinch, giving the letters a chunky outlined look. Lucky for us, since we used such a small amount of paint, it dried super quick.

Stamped Ballet Card Welcome

Then, we sandwiched the bottom of the card between two craft sticks and used hot glue to hold everything together. The same process applied to the top part, but we added a piece of bakery twine (cut to about 10″) between the pieces to create a hanger for the card.

Hot Glue Paper Craft Sticks to make door hanger

And that’s it! My daughter says she feels like she is in a fancy hotel with her little door hanger. I had to remind her that there was not a maid service here, though.

Hanging Stamped Card

As for my son, he knows that if he sees the ballerina, that he is welcome to go in and so far he has stayed out when the sign is turned around. Here’s hoping that we can maintain some sense of privacy in this household as our kids get older!

Privacy Door Hanger

Thanks so much for checking out this Simple Stamped Card Door Hanger! I would love for you to come visit me at Elizabeth Joan Designs for more craft, DIY and home decor inspiration. Oh, and let’s chat! Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram!

Simple Stamped Card Door Hanger - an easy 5 minute craft & it's great as a privacy door hanger


  1. Hi Maryann,

    I was checking out the sweet project for my 9 year-old granddaughter and was so surprised to see the text inside was Cleveland Ohio! For this home sick grandma, a welcome sight! No only will I make this for her, but one for myself as well with the original text. Thank you for sharing this cute little sign.

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