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Skirting Your Shade

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While digging through my garage sale piles last week I came across one of my favorite skirts from ages ago.  You know one of those skirts from the BK days… Before Kiddos.  It’s now a size too small and definitely too short for my 30 (pushing 40) legs.   It’s a  gorgeous tweed fabric though, so I grabbed it from the sale pile and decided to bring it back to life…

glue gun, fabric, lamp

as a shade!

I started by removing the lining. 

glue gun, fabric, lamp

The waistband of the skirt was almost the exact size as the lampshade, making this a simple job.  I slide the skirt over the shade folding the waistband over the edge.  I cut slits in the waistband and then used one of my favorite DIY tools, my hot glue gun, to attach the waistband to inside of the shade.

lamp, glue gun, fabric

The skirt flared out slightly, so I did a little tucking on the seam lines on either side and used hot glue once again to hold it down.

I ended up cutting off about 3 inches from the base and then just tucked the remaining fabric under and glued it down.

lamp, fabric, glue gun

I love the contrast with my exotic sea lamp I just painted.

lamp, fabric, glue gun

Nothing like thinking outside the box.  Now what piece of fabric in your house can be recycled?


  1. Such a smart idea! And yes, I definitely have some of those skirts as well. This is such a great way to enjoy them.
    PS So sorry I missed you at SoCal Social! I just couldn’t find you in the crowd! Hope we will meet someday!

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