Slowly, but surely … a backyard in progress

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We moved into our house at the end of September 2007.  We purchased a home from a foreclosure auction.  We got a great house for a great price.  The previous owners had lived in it for only about 6 months after it was built;  so the inside still had all white walls, basic builder carpet & linoleum.  All the outside had died.  Almost a year of no watering had killed the beautiful landscaping the builders had done to the front yard.  The backyard had dirt, weeds and some dead sod (although no sprinkler system).
So, we knew we had a HUGE undertaking and there still is a HUGE list of things we’d love to do even 2 years later.  I thought I’d share with you the improvements we’ve done to our backyard in the last two years.  Here’s some pics of what the yard looked like when we moved in…
After clearing out the dead sod and weeds our 1st task was putting in drainage and our sprinkler system.
Next my Dad and a good friend of the family helped us pour cement to put a walkway on the narrow side of the house + a patio area on the far side of the yard.  Here’s a pic in process…

Next we prepped for our paver patio.  Lots of gravel and sand were delivered and there were many wheelbarrow trips.
The sod came in next…  it’s amazing what a lot of green does to a yard.

Finally this last spring we got the pavers in.  Check out what our yard looks like now…
Here’s a close-up of the pavers… we laid them, and I’m hoping to never lay pavers again (smile).  I love how they look, but it’s a LOT of work.

Here’s a view of the grass and plants along the back fence…

Hope you enjoyed seeing our yard (in progress).  Stay tuned as I show you the front yard soon…

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  1. It is looking so good! Now for the pergola! I opened the door to measure mine, and was greeted with a flood…maybe today 🙂

  2. Yard work is back breaking sometimes, and this looks like one of those times! The pavers look nice and tidy and it looks as if you have a large patio eating area. We have done little to our outdoors, instead, we're concentrating on the interior first. It will take loads and loads of trucked in top dirt to level out a sloping yard. Not looking forward to that job- I'm saving up slowly! Thanks for the comment on my leaf ball post.
    🙂 Sue

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