Snowflake Hair~bow Tutorial

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Next week starts the  ~ extra busy  ~ less than 2 weeks left till Christmas, so I figured today was a great day to make my daughters hair~bows for Christmas.

I was inspired once again while at Dollar Tree.

I saw these cute snowflake ornaments at Dollar Tree… a 2 pack for $1.


I thought they would make a cute centerpiece item on my hair~bows.

This is a basic hair~bow that can be layered for more fullness and as I’ll show you, you can use more than one color.

Here’s the bow I made for my youngest daughter using 2 shades of blue.

Step 1 ~ Loop the ribbon around and under (as shown).  One of the most important parts to making this bow is not letting go in the center where you’re holding it all together.

Step 2 ~  Make another loop (on the other side) and bring the ribbon back under your thumb.

Step 3 ~ Now bring the ribbon forward and then loop under ~ cinching with your fingers again.

Step 4 ~ Bring the ribbon up to the top and loop it back to the center ~ cinch again.

Cinch the center and gather it ~ wrap it with the wire tightly.

Then I did the same with the dark blue ribbon, just slightly smaller to layer.  Then you just hot glue the dark blue bow on top of the light blue.  I did mine at a 90 degree angle to make the whole bow appear fuller.  Then you hot glue your barrette to the bottom of the bow.

Make sure you cut your ends at a nice angle and then use Fray Check to keep the ends from fraying.  Then I just hot glued the snowflake to the top of the ribbon.  Here’s my 4-yr-old modeling for me.

This is a great bow to layer with the Korker Bow I showed you back in October.   The possibilities are endless with layering!

Don’t forget… I’ve got a great contest going on till Tuesday evening.  It’s a Pick Your Prize Contest… click HERE to enter.

Have a great weekend!  We’re off to a Christmas play at my parent’s church and then a Christmas Party with some great friends… can’t wait!

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  1. The bow is great — if only I could get my boys to wear one. Oh well. But I can make that fancy red ribbon wreath — love it!

  2. Too cute. I will definitely be looking for those snowflakes. There are no little girls here, but I can think of lots of things to do with snowflakes!

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