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Sports Goodie Bags Printable

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If you have kids in sports you’ll want to check out my Sports Goodie Bags Printable.   One of the fun parts of playing on a sports team is that after the game goodie bag, right?  One of my kiddos, when she was younger, wanted to join a team just for the goodie bags!  So I thought it would be fun to create a goodie bag printable for some popular sports… football, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. These are perfect to share with a sports team or to use for a sport-themed birthday party. Fill the bags with cookies, candy, toys, and other goodies and you have a perfect gift bag.

How to Make Sports Good Bag Printables

How to Make Sports Goodie Bags

Ok – so how to print out your own goodie bag!

Supplies Needed:

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Free Goodie Bag Printable

Download the image you want by right-clicking and saving it on your computer. (images below)  You can open it in a word processing program (like Word) or a photo editing (like photoshop).  Set your printer paper size to 5.25″ by 10.75″. I used my fingernails to make sure the bottom of the bag had a crisp edge and then insert the bag as shown in the above image (with the flap part facing up and at the bottom).   Depending on your printer you may need to hand-feed it or change your settings for thicker paper, check your printer for specifications.

These printables are for private, non-commercial use only!

You can click on these sports to find their printable…

VOLLEYBALL Goodie Bag Printable

FOOTBALL Goodie Bag Printable (great for a football party)

BASEBALL Goodie Bag Printable

SOFTBALL Goodie Bag Printable

SOCCER Goodie Bag Printable

BASKETBALL Goodie Bag Printable

Once printed and filled you can hole punch and add some cute baker’s twine…

Baseball Goodie Bag

Or add some bright color with a cute flap on top.  Just measure your folded area and add a little more.  My pieces of red paper were 3” wide and then I folded them in half.

Football Goodie Bag

Just slide it on top of the folded area and hole punch ~ then add your twine!

Topper for Goodie Bag

So fun for your kiddos to bring when it’s their snack day! Or it would be great to share with their classmates as party favors.

Baseball Goodie Bag Printables

Thanks for stopping by friends & have fun at any games you have this weekend!

*as with each of my free printables, these are free gifts for my readers. Please do not copy, sell or redistribute in any way without permission.

Sports Goodie Bag Printable | Team Sports | Football, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball


  1. I love these but for someone reason when I click the link for the baseball printable it reopens the webpage. It will not open the printable for me.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Jess!! Not sure what happened to the links, but I’ve updated them and they are working again.

  2. Love these…
    Can you do a basketball one?
    I tried to copy and edit to include a basketball but couldn’t .

  3. I just love this idea…. I love it so much, I’m in the process of making 60! (30 for each of my son’s football team) I’m almost done. I just need to punch the holes and put in the twine, but I’m not sure how far apart to do the holes from each other… Well, I will complete that part tomorrow. Thanks again!!

      1. Joy Lynne ~ I’ve had a couple requests for this now… I’ve got it on my to-do list. Hopefully within a week I’ll have one up.

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