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Stain Removal: Grape Juice on Butcher Block

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A couple weeks ago I had taken our oldest to the doctor.  Mr. DS had picked up the other two kiddos from school and one of kiddos (whose name will be withheld to protect the little monkey  😉  ) had poured some grape juice to drink and had accidentally left a grape juice puddle.  No one noticed it until I came home a couple of hours later… after the stain damage had been done.  After my initial horror… I started brain storming on what I could use to try to remove the dreaded grape juice stain.

Grape Juice Stain on Butcher Block

So I put together an arsenal to try and here’s what I came up with.

Natural Products to Remove Stain from Butcher Block

I first tried diluting some hydrogen peroxide with water and used a q-tip to apply it to the stained area.  I let it sit a couple minutes and wiped it off with some white vinegar, but the stain was still there.  On to plan #2…

Here’s the supplies I used:

Use a Qtip to apply hydrogen peroxide to stain

So I decided to try full strength hydrogen peroxide.  I Qtip’ed it on and left it for a minute to soak in.

Wiping butcher block stain with white vinegar

Then I took a paper towel soaked in white vinegar and wiped the hydrogen peroxide away… scrubbing it well.

And much to my shock… when it dried…

Stain Removed from Butcher Block Countertop with Natural Products

THE GRAPE JUICE STAIN WAS GONE!!!!  How awesome is that!  With 2 products I had in my home and just a few minutes of work my butcher blocks was back to it’s original beauty.

Needless to say I’m BEYOND thrilled and couldn’t wait to share this awesome cleaning tip with you guys.

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Stain how to remove a grape juice stain from butcher block countertops with stuff you probably already have


  1. What a fantastic tip! Glad you were able to get the stain out! I already pinned and tweeted & will share on FB – this is one everyone needs to bookmark 😉 Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday!

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