Succulent Bird Bath

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The thrift store team is back together to share some fun, out of the box planters and I’ve got a Succulent Bird Bath to share with you.

Turn an old bird bath into a Succulent Birdbath!

You could go buy a new birdbath, but before you do check your local thrift stores or garage sales. You might come across a great way for a great deal.

Succulent Birdbath Supplies:

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How to Build a Succulent Bird Bath:

Start by giving the birdbath a good cleaning, unless you purchased it new. Here’s where this started.

Now, most birdbaths have a solid base, which doesn’t allow for your plants to have drainage, so it’s really important that you start with a layer of lava rocks on the base of the bird bath.

You’ll need a couple of inches of the lava rock on the base. This allows a spot for the extra water to sit without the soil becoming soaking wet constantly.

Then you’ll add the cacti soil. Succulents love cacti soil, so it’s definitely worth the purchase. I filled the bowl until I was a couple of inches from the top.

Then it’s time to start filling in with your plants. I typically start with the center plant(s) and then work my way out. I add more cacti soil as I go filing in the areas that need it once the succulents are in the soil.

Succulents overflowing in a bird bath.

I love succulents because they are so easy to maintain. During the hot, 100 degree summer months I will water them 2 times a week. When it’s cooler, they only need once a week, unless you are lucky and get some rain. (Here in So. Cal. that’s always a blessing when we get some.) This planter was created a while ago, so the succulents have had plenty of time to fill in and get happy. You can check out my Creating a Drought Tolerant Succulent Planter too.

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Succulent Bird Bath made with an old birdbath. Learn all the tips and tricks to keep your succulents happy.


    1. Here in So. Cal. we rarely get a freeze. If one is coming I just cover with a trash bag.

  1. Wow! that’s awesome Maryann! I’m guessing that succulents are a lot cheaper in your neck of the woods. Here, if you want to buy them, they are too expensive to buy mature plants or many small plants.

    You did a super job!



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