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Summer Subway Burlap Art

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Happy Monday Friends…  I hope you had a smashing weekend!  You guys know how much I adore burlap.  Well.. I decided to make a summer subway burlap sign with my kiddos help.

I asked my kiddos what words come to mind when they think of summer.  I used the words they gave me to create this…

summer, burlap, art, subway

art, decor, kids

If you are interested in purchasing one you can click my “Burlap Beauties” in the menu bar or sidebar.

art, decor, kids

I’ve shared with you guys before about Wordle but in case you missed it… you’ll have to check the site out (but be-ware… you won’t want to leave).  It’s a free site where you can create subway style art.  You input the words and then you can change up the layout, fonts, colors, etc.…. tons of fun!

art, decor, kids

art, decor, kids

A fun summer décor addition…

art, decor, kids

Thanks for stopping by friends… hope you have a wonderful week!  I’ve got a great giveaway starting later this week…


  1. I love them!!!
    I’m a huge burlap fan too! What color do you use?
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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