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Sweater Scrap and Burlap Snowman

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Hi Friends!  Hope your week is going great.  Today I’ve got a fun Christmas craft to share with you.  Are you getting ready for Christmas yet?  Fall is pretty much packed up at our home and about half of the Christmas décor is out.  These fun snowman are a great way to keep off the season and they’re made with scraps… even better!

Sweap Scrap and Burlap Snowman

Here’s what I used:

Styrofoam balls (used 3 different sizes)

Gorilla Super Glue

Old sweater sleeve


burlap scraps

black pipe cleaner

elastic thread

I used super glue to glue the Styrofoam balls together.  Once the glue had dried,  I slid the Styrofoam balls into the sweater sleeve and cut the sweater with just a little over hang on each end.

Sweap Scrap and Burlap Snowman

I used  burlap scraps and tied it around the snowman’s neck for it’s cute scarf.

Sweap Scrap and Burlap Snowman

On my tall snowman I used elastic thread to cinch the area between the bottom 2 balls.

I used glue to close off the sweater seams at the top and bottom of the snowman.  (This takes some gluing, trimming, tucking and repeating till it looks smooth)

I rolled the black pipe cleaner to make the buttons and cut them with scissors to the size I wanted.  Then I glued them onto the sweater.

And ended up with simple, rustic snowman buddies…

Sweap Scrap and Burlap Snowman

Well friends… thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. Maryann, I absolutely adore snowman and this is just beautiful! I totally love it and this is going on my must make list! Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing and pinning! Hope you have a merry and happy week! 🙂

  2. I love these snowmen! They are adorable and will be a cute decoration long after the holidays.

    I teach a craft enrichment group at school and this would be a perfect project for January. I even have bunches of styrofoam balls saved from atom projects that the kids were going to throw away. Thanks so much for this inspiration!

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