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Teacher Questionnaire Printable

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With school starting soon I’ve got a Teacher Questionnaire Printable for you!   During the first couple weeks of school I love to give my kiddos’ teachers a questionnaire.  Back to School time is the perfect time to find out a little more about your kid’s teacher.  This Teacher Questionnaire comes in handy for Christmas gifts, teacher appreciation week or anytime you just want to bless your child’s teacher.

Free Teacher Questionnaire


Teacher Questionnaire

Click here on Domestically Speaking’s Teacher Questionnaire to get to the image.  Once there you right click and save it.

Open it in your favorite word processing or photo editing program and print it out.  It is formatted for 8.5”x11” paper.

Now you’ll know what you can bake for their teacher… what great gift card they’ll love and use… or if you volunteer in their class you could arrive with their favorite Starbuck’s beverage in hand… I know most teacher would love that surprise!

Teacher Questionnaire Printable



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