Thanking Your Teacher

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Are you counting down till school is out?  Maybe you’re dreading summer vacation with kiddos home or maybe you can’t wait… whichever way you vote, you know you want to thank your awesome, hard-working teacher(s)!

A few weeks ago I came across this OH SO CUTE idea from the 3 super creative sisters at eighteen25

I made them for my kiddo’s teachers for Teacher Appreciation week, but these would be perfect for an end of the year thank you gift!

In just over an hour you can have this gift ready for your kiddo’s teacher.

Right here you can find the photo to send to your local 1 hour photo.

While you wait for your 1 hour photo, head on over to your local coffee shop to pick up a gift card and a coffee cup sleeve.

If you need to purchase a piece of cardstock you can grab one from any local drugstore’s office supply aisle.

Once you have all your supplies (photo, cardstock, gift card & coffee cup sleeve) you can assemble this cute gift in just a few minutes.  You just need scissors, tape and a stapler.

Cross one item off your to-do list during the crazy~ busy last weeks of school!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to thank your child's teacher. I am a teacher. I had two parents take the time to thank me for something this entire year, and they were both fellow teachers themselves. Teachers do what they do because they love kids, but getting a thank you, a note of appreciation, or even a notice for what has been accomplished really goes so far to keep us energized and motivated. Most parents do not realize that teachers work (on average) the same amount of hours in nine months as an average worker does in twelve months. We get on a speeding train in August and don't get off until May, and many other parts of our lives just get put on hold. You cannot imagine how much a little thank you from an appreciative parent means. So thank you for thanking your child's teacher!

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