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Thrift Store Metal Pumpkin

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Since thrift stores offer so many things for so little money, here’s a Thrift Store Metal Pumpkin craft that’s cheap, easy – and great to look at. It’s thrift store makeover time again and this month I found this cute metal pumpkin to makeover. He was already looking pretty cute, but I want to tone down his orange hues a bit, so paint to the rescue!

Thrift Store Metal Pumpkin

 What You’ll Need

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How to paint metal pumpkins

This pumpkin was super easy to makeover. It was already in pretty good shape. Here’s what I started with. Cute right?

thrift store pumpkin before

So I gave it a good clean, just wiped it down with a wet paper towel, then it was time to paint.

I already had some white chalk paint on hand. I decided I wanted to use the white paint mainly on the edges of the pumpkin, where the orange was the brightest. So I just brushed over the edges and dragged the paint down into the grooves. At the base of the grooves, the color was more rust-tone than orange, so I was good with keeping that color.

Adding white chalk paint

I worked in sections. I painted half, then let it dry for about 30 minutes before flipping it over to paint the other side.

The Finished Pumpkin

Here is my pumpkin all finished hanging out with his scarecrow buddy. I love fall decor that has a rustic charm and this one fits that category.

Metal Pumpkin and Scarecrow

I put it on the porch with the other metal pumpkins that I made a couple of years ago.  It’s perfect for decorating for Halloween. You could add a flameless candle to the center if you wanted to.

Fluted Metal Pumpkin

I decided to leave the pumpkin stem and green leaves just as it was, I think it looked great with the white paint that I added. You could add a cute ribbon to the top if you wanted to jazz it up a bit.

Metal Pumpkin Stem and Leaves

This metal pumpkin was the perfect choice for my October thrift store makeover. Now make sure you check out all the other thrift store makeovers from the team.

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Thrift Store Metal Pumpkin Makeover


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