Thrift Store Tropical Tray

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This month’s thrift store makeover is this fun tropical tray! I took a cute white tray with some pretty scroll and floral details and decided to give it a tropical makeover. This makeover is super simple, you just need a tray with a smooth surface and some cute wrapping paper. My daughter and I found some cute tropical wrapping paper last year and I scooped it up. I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for, but I needed to have it. I think it turned a thrift store tray into such a cute piece!

Cute Tropical Tray using wallpaper on a thrift store tray.


Here is what I started with.

White thrift store tray

It’s a cute tray, but it’s ready for a fun tropical vibe!

Tropical Tray Makeover Supplies:

  • thrift store tray
  • tropical wrapping paper
  • decoupage
  • foam paintbrush

How to Decoupage a Tray

Cleaning up the tray was the first step. I just used warm water on a paper towel and gave it a good wipe down.

Thrift store tray and tropical wrapping paper.

I measured the base of the tray and cut out a piece of the wrapping paper to fit.

Cut out tropical wrapping paper for the base of the tray.

Then with my foam paintbrush, I spread decoupage all over the base of the tray. Then I carefully laid the wrapping paper on top. I started by lining up the top corners and slowly pressed down the rest.

Wrapping paper decoupaged to the base of a tray.

I used a credit card to smooth out the wrapping paper. You will see some wrinkles, but they smooth out as it dries. I let the base dry about 10-15 before decoupaging the top.

Decoupaging the top of the wrapping paper on the tray.

Give the top of the wrapping paper a nice even coat and then you just need to let it dry completely, depending on the temperature and humidity that can take 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Tropical Tray made from wrapping paper and a thrift store tray.

So much tropical cuteness!!!!

Decoupage a thrift store tray to create this Tropical Tray so fun for the summer months!

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A thrift store tray gets a cute makeover using some fun tropical wrapping paper.


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