Thrifted Laundry Pod Storage

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This month I’ve got an easy thrifted laundry pod storage idea for you! I’m working on updating my laundry room this summer and one of my goals is to have some cuter ways to store my laundry supplies. Turning this simple jar into laundry pod storage was an easy way to start.

painted laundry pod storage

This is what I started with.

tiled glass candy jar

I remember my grandparents having one of these tiled glass jars and they would store candy in it. I loved the fact that it was tilted. Our washer and dryer are raised, so having the jar tilted will make it easier for me to reach in a grab a pod when it’s time to do laundry. Time to tackle project one of laundry room organization.

Supplies Needed

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Updating the Storage Jar

I went with some simple ways to update the storage jar.


The first step when you get an item from the thrift store is to clean it. It took just a little bit of cleanup to get this piece ready for painting. I just used some Mrs. Meyers all purpose spray cleaner and a paper towel to wipe off the layers of dust and grime.


Then it was time to paint the lid. I wanted a dark gray, almost black color.

painting the lid with chalk paint

I used a foam paintbrush and used a chalk paint. Chalk paint is a thicker paint, so normally I can get the coverage I want with only one coat of paint.

letting the lid dry

It only took one coat, and then I placed the lid on top of an empty jar to let it dry.

Labeling the Storage Jar

Now my first plan for label my jar was to try the cool technique of creating your own label by printing out the word and then placing packing tape over the printed word, then soaking that in water. Have you heard of that?? It looks so cool, but apparently I have the wrong type of printer, because when I put it in the bowl (for the paper to come off the tape), I ended up with ink pouring into the water.

So time to pivot. I decided to just use some cute chalkboard labels. Super easy to do.

Creating chalkboard labels for the storage jar

Then I just placed the sticker in the center of the jar lid.

putting the label on the laundry pod storage jar

I’m so glad that the first project for the laundry room is done. It’s a small laundry room, so anything that helps to keep it organized is helpful.

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