Tissue Paper Printed Christmas Ornaments

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Tissue Paper Printed Christmas Ornaments is such a fun and sweet gift idea! I made these photo ornaments with our two furbabies, Ona and Mittens. But these would be great with family photos too. I’m so excited to share the details on how to make these personalized Christmas ornaments with you.

Tissue Paper Printed Christmas Ornaments make a great, sentimental gift - an easy Christmas craft that's budget friendly too.

These Christmas ornaments take only minutes to make too, which is perfect during the busy holiday season.

Tissue Paper Printed Christmas Ornament Supplies:

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You also need an inkjet printer to make these ornaments. Let’s get into how to make these fun ornaments. I personally use a cheap printer for craft projects, and I would recommend the same. Thrift stores are a great place to look for those.

How to Make Tissue Paper Printed Christmas Ornament

Choose Your Images

The first step is deciding what cute photos you want to use in making these photo ornaments. I picked our fur babies for this craft. You need to measure the width and height of your ornaments, so you know what size to print your photos. Three inches was perfect for the wooden ornaments I used.

You can use google docs, microsoft word, photoshop, or any program that allows you to insert your photos and resize them and then print.

Prep your Paper

Then it’s time to prep your paper.

Wrapping copy paper in tissue paper.

Cut a piece of tissue paper about 2 inches wider and 2 inches taller than the copy paper – so 10.5″ x 13″. Center the copy paper, so you have an inch of tissue paper sticking out on each side.

Taping up the tissue paper on top of the copy paper.

Fold over the edges and smoothly tape them down with your clear tape. I used a 2-3″ piece of tape on each side, and a small piece of tape on the edges to make sure they lay flat.

Print on Tissue Paper

Make sure you insert your tissue paper covered copy paper the correct way into your printer, you want to make sure you are printing on the tissue paper.

Fur babies printed on tissue paper to make Christmas ornaments.

Then print your paper, make sure to print in black and white. Let them sit a few minutes before removing the tissue paper from the copy paper.

Dog and Cat photos printed on tissue paper.

Cut and Prepare

Then I used sharp scissors to cut the images out. I cut them into a circle shape since that was the shape of my ornament.

Photo tissue paper on top of ornaments.

Here’s the tissue paper laying on top of the ornament after I cut it out.

Seal the Deal

Putting mod podge on the wood ornaments.

Then use a paintbrush to paint on an even layer of mod podge on top of the ornament.

Put tissue paper image on top of the mod podge.

Place the cut tissue paper image on the center of the ornament on top of the mod podge. Gently press down.

Then brush mod podge on top of the images… gently! The tissue paper can easily tear. I found using plenty of mod podge and being gentle made this easy.

Mod podge spread on top of tissue paper image.

In a few minutes, it will dry and will smooth out.

Added touches

I finished off the ornament by adding the holly and berries through the opening for a little bit of color.

Tissue Paper Printed Christmas Ornaments

So cute! This is such a fun craft! I love that your can personalize it for the person receiving this fun tissue paper printed Christmas ornaments.

Our dog Ona's image printed on tissue paper to create a Christmas ornament.
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DIY Tissue Paper Printed Christmas Ornaments - the perfect craft gift idea that's sweet and sentimental.

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  1. So your post opened and I read….”print on tissue paper”….and I’m thinking….”Oh this I gotta see.” LOL…no joke. I did. But the result is amazing. Love it so much. I think I’ll be trying your process very soon. Thanks so much for the fabulous tutorial. Happy, Happy Holidays… XO

  2. OK, I have never heard of printing on tissue paper!! I love the ‘old world’ look it gives the ornaments. Ona and Mittens are natural posers too!

    Thanks for the inspiration.



  3. Great idea to wrap the tissue paper around a printer paper; I would never have thought about that! I’m singing, “a whole new world” in my head! Cute ornaments with your fur babies!

  4. Oh these are darling! I’m a crafting addict and I have never seen the printing on tissue paper method before. I am pinning this and trying it this week! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  5. Maryann these are so cute. I love that you printed them in black and white giving them a pretty vintage feel. I’ve tried printing on wax paper before but not tissue paper. Can’t wait to try this new to me technique.

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