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Tissue Paper Shell Art

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I found an oh-so-cool project a few weeks ago on Pinterest that I couldn’t wait to try.

tissue paper shell 5

Here’s what you need to make this…  (affiliate links included for your convenience)


I decided to use a shell image for this project.

You start by trimming your tissue paper to about 1/2” larger (on each side) than your printer paper.

tissue paper shell 6

Fold over the edges and smoothly tape them down with your clear tape.  I used about 3 one-inch pieces per side.  Make sure you get your corners smooth, by tucking them in…

tissue paper shell 7

Make sure you place your tissue paper in the printer the right way… you want the image to print on the tissue paper.

My tissue paper slide through the printer perfectly.  I let it sit for a few minutes to dry completely before I cut the tape to remove the paper.

Take a brush and apply a thin coat of mod-podge over your canvas.. making sure to cover it well.

tissue paper shell 8

Lay your tissue paper art on top… making sure you place it right where you want it.  There is no give with tissue paper… you can’t move or slide that paper around.

I used my fingers to gently press the tissue paper to the canvas and rub out any bubbles… remember the gentle part… we’re dealing with tissue paper.

Then I applied a coat of mod-podge on top of the tissue paper to make sure it was all sealed in.  I trimmed off the excess leaving just enough to mod-podge onto the sides.

tissue paper shell 9

Waiting for it to dry was the hardest part!

tissue paper shell 1

tissue paper shell 3

Using a burlap canvas gave this piece an aged look and loaded with texture!  If you use a white canvas you won’t even notice the white tissue paper… just blends right in.

tissue paper shell 4

tissue paper shell 2

A great addition to the family room.

Thanks Sarah for your great tutorial that inspired this creation!


  1. Hello,

    I love it, that is so creative I can not wait to do it to my granddaughter she is 7 years old and loves crafts and this is something so easy to do and fun, her own peace of art.


    Nercy Thomsen

  2. where do you find burlap canvas? can you make your own by mod podge-ing burlap to a board? then mod podge the tissue paper image to the burlap over board? thanks, i love the look!

  3. Wow, now that is pretty amazing! I can’t believe the tissue did not shrink up and wrinkle. I can not wait to try this one! Beautiful!!!

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