Top 3 Tips for Planting Water Wise Plants

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Hi friends!  Here in Southern California it seems like being in a drought is a normal thing every few years.  We also live where it gets down-right hot during the summer time, so finding plants that are water wise is important.

Tips for Water Wise Plants

We have a planter bed out front that needed a few new plants.  So I went down to our local nursery and picked up up some Monrovia water wise plants, perfect for our yard.

We’ve been baking here already.  Last week we hit over 90 degrees a few days… what happened to Spring first?

Water Wise Plants 3


I picked up this gorgeous ‘Purple Haze” Summer Lilac.  I can’t wait to see this beauty blooming  with it’s gorgeous purple-blue flowers.  They attract butterflies too, which will be fun.

Water Wise Plants 5

I finally was able to plant her yesterday when the temps dropped into the 70’s again.

Water Wise Plants 2

I also planted this furry fun one.  My youngest daughter picked it out.

Water Wise Plants 1

It’s an Elijah Blue Fescue.  I love the hints of blue tones.  I love decorative grasses like this.

Water Wise Plants 4

Such beautiful tones.

Here’s my Top 3 Tips for picking up water wise plants!

1.  Look at your local shopping area landscaping.  They are “usually” smart about picking plants that are water wise.  Plus if it’s growing great there near your home, good chance it’s going to grow great in your yard too.

2. Don’t plant during extreme temps.  Planting your plants during extreme temps can shock your plants, making it harder to establish good roots.

3. Look for Monrovia Plants.  Honestly I’ve always been impressed with their quality and the healthiness of their plants.


So do you look for water wise plants when gardening?  Any other great tips to share?

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