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Turkey Gift Box…

Thanks for Sharing!

Check out this cute Turkey gift box!!!

{Items Needed:}

take-out boxes (I got mine at Smart’n’Final)

brown paper (red and orange would be cute too)

acrylic paint (I used black, white, orange and red)

glue stick


I used my 5-year-olds hands for this turkey’s feathers.  Just trace and cut.

For the turkey’s eyes I used the end of my paint brush to make the eye balls. 

Once dried I added the white little twinkle.

The beak is an orange triangle.

The wattle (the red hanging thingy) was created by painting an elongated “8” and then filling it in.

I’m going to fill these as Thanksgiving gifts for the kiddo’s teachers.

Sunday night I’m going to share my favorite pumpkin bread recipe… I’m going to put a mini-loaf and some other treats in these boxes.

These took less than 5 minutes to make and I know the kiddos’ teachers will love these custom treats from their student.


  1. This is so cute. I'm sure teachers would love a box like that filled with a goodie. I had a friend who was a teacher and the food gifts were her favorite ones. She got so much other stuff that she had no where to put one more apple/school themed do-dad.

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