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Turning a bonus room into a Bedroom

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Happy Sunday Friends!  Hope you’re having a great weekend.  When we purchased our home over six years ago we had to do a little brainstorming.  Our upstairs has 3 bedrooms and a bonus room.  We also have a bedroom downstairs, but all our 3 kiddos were still young and we wanted everyone to have their own room and be on the same level as our bedroom.  So we made our bonus room into a functional bedroom for our oldest daughter.

Here’s a view from our upstairs hallway…

How to Turn a Bonus Room into a Bedroom

We used curtains and a wardrobe to help in this transformation.

How to Turn a Bonus Room into a Bedroom

The wardrobe is the backside of the top image.  The stair railing and the curtains are behind it.

One big issue when turning a bonus room into a bedroom is adding a functional closet.  Adding a wardrobe is an easy solution.  We got this nice, big wardrobe from Ikea and added the cute starfish knobs… works perfect in her Ombre Beachy Bedroom.

The other big issue is privacy.

We found this curtain solution at Ikea too.

How to Turn a Bonus Room into a Bedroom

We attached the curtain fixtures into the ceiling (make sure to find those studs).  Ikea has a great curved piece, so we ran a long straight piece behind the wardrobe, in front of the stair railing… then we have the curved piece at the room entrance… and then a shorter piece along the side wall.

She is able to pull the curtain closed when she wants privacy.

How to Turn a Bonus Room into a Bedroom

So friends if you’ve got a bonus room that needs to be transformed into a bedroom… hopefully these tips help!

For less than $400 we got the storage space she needed plus the privacy… way cheaper than putting up a wall and building a closet.  It has worked out great for her.

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  1. Great tips!! I love this idea! We have a little gym/workout area in the basement that is open to the rest of the room that I’d love to close off when we aren’t using it! Thanks for the great ideas!

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