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Two Toned IKEA Rast Hack

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Hi there! Sarah from Little Red Brick House back here sharing my spin on the ever popular IKEA Rast Dresser. I’ve been in need of a night stand in the bedroom for such a long time. Why is it that we always put off the simplest things that make life so much more convenient? Anyone else do that, too? Anyway, I explored my options and finally narrowed it down to the IKEA Rast! It has three drawers for storage, is made of real wood and at $35 is extremely affordable.

Two Toned IKEA Rast Hack

First, I added some dimension to the drawers by trimming them out with some wood lattice strips. I mitered my corners for a cleaner fit but you don’t have to. I filled in any seams with wood filler and sanded everything to a smooth finish. To attach them I used Elmer’s wood glue.

Two Toned IKEA Rast Hack

Then I created an upside down tray for the top. I used a 1×6 pine board flanked by two 1×4 wood boards on each side. I nailed them straight to the existing dresser top with a finish nail gun. Then, I finished out the sides of the tray top with some more wood lattice, nailing it in, as well. I stained it using Rustoleum Dark Walnut.

Two Toned IKEA Rast Hack

I nailed in a few 1×3 wood boards to trim out the bottom of the dresser. These were also mitered at the corners. You could use some decorative baseboard for a fancier touch. I’m a simple kinda gal, though, so I like to stick with the clean lines of the plain boards.

The drawer faces were taped off with painter’s tape and painted with Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

Two Toned IKEA Rast Hack

The final touch was the addition of drawer hardware. I bought my knobs from Lowe’s. They are the Brainerd 1-1/4 inch Bronze with Copper Highlights Round Cabinet Knobs. I like how they tie in the dark stain with the white paint. And I am absolutely smitten with copper, so it’s a nice little touch, as well.

Two Toned IKEA Rast Hack

Here she is all finished!

Two Toned IKEA Rast Hack

Two Toned IKEA Rast Hack

I am loving the added storage as well as having a place to set my phone at night. It’s also nice to have somewhere for a lamp to sit. Now I can snuggle in bed and read or (who am I kidding?) surf on Pinterest before it’s lights out without having the harsh overhead light on. It’s the little things, I tell ya.

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  1. This is beautiful! My husband and I grabbed a couple of these today because I’m so sick of not having nightstands with drawers (we’ve been using TV trays for the last year!). I love them, but they could be prettier and this looks like such an easy way to make that happen! Just wondering, did you do anything to the insides of the drawers? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Chelsey! I appreciate your kind words! I just left the insides natural. I’m the only one that sees the inside and it doesn’t really bother me leaving it naked. 😉 It would be fun to maybe insert some pretty contact paper to the bottom of the drawers. But honestly, right now I’ve got so much stuffed into them that you probably wouldn’t be able to see it, lol.

  2. Hi – I love your hack on this Ikea dresser. I was wondering what is the depth of this piece of furniture. It’s not listed on the Ikea website, only the length and width.


      1. Hi Sarah,
        I used you hacking idea and did it as well. The results are amazing and I receive very positive comments from anyone how sees it,

        So thank you.
        Looking forward for more of your ideas.


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