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Update a Roman Shade with Paint

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Happy Weekend Friends!  Hope your week has been a good one.  I’m super close to finishing the painting of our kitchen cabinets and I’m loving it!  I can’t wait to share all the details with you guys.  A few weeks ago when we painted our kitchen walls a gorgeous gray I knew I wanted to change the roman shade over our kitchen window.  It was a lovely tan, but it just didn’t look great next to our newly gray walls… so what  do you do when you are trying to spend as little as possible?

Change Your Roman Shade - Update it with Spray Paint

You spray paint it of course!

Here’s the lovely tan we use to have.  It was a great color… just was clashing now with the gray walls.

Change Your Roman Shade - Update it with Spray Paint

I’m going with a classic glam beachy look in the kitchen with accents in blues and greens, so I decided to spray paint the shade with Krylon’s Ocean Breeze.  It’s a beautiful beachy blue.

Change Your Roman Shade - Update it with Spray Paint

I used 2 cans of the spray paint to get the coverage I wanted.  The key with any spray paint project is multiple light coats.  You only need to let it dry for about 10 minutes till you can do the next coat though.

Change Your Roman Shade - Update it with Spray Paint

In this photo the cabinets had only been primed… they are all a gorgeous white now… LOVE!

So friends… have a roman shade that you wish was a different color?  By all means… Paint Away!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. Q – I have shades that are blackout on the back and a suede finish on the front…what type and sheen of paint would you recommend I try? Thank you.

  2. THANK YOU !!! for this awesome idea. We just purchased a custom made roman shade, which I loved in the store, but not happy with it once I saw it on the window. You just gave me a great idea, plus the Ocean Breeze is stunning. I only see it in gloss finish though — not satin. Would that work on a small kitchen window shade?

  3. This is awesome! I just painted our brown walls grey and have the exact same problem with our tan shades. Do you think I could get them white? That’s the color I’d like to have but I’m not convinced it would work. 🤔

  4. How did you remove your shades? I want to try this but am not sure how to manange all the strings and pulls to remove them from the window!

  5. Such a great idea of turning something very simple blind into an expensive and awesome looking blind. surely I will be trying this on one of my blinds.

  6. H Maryann, have roman blinds with a plastic backing. Do you think I could spray paint the back? They don’t look good from the outside at present!

    Ta, rachel

  7. I recently moved into a house with light yellow fabric roman shades. I want to change the color. Would you suggest spray paint instead of fabric paint?

    1. If the spray paint lists fabrics that will work great, but I think that brushing on fabric paint would cover the best, just takes more time.

      Happy painting!!!

  8. i was looking for a way to update my Roman shades This is perfect! My only question is my shades are red, what do you suggest I do if I want a lighter color or more neutral color?

  9. What a great idea!!! Womdering anout the back though. Is there a lining? If not…..or if so what happenes to the back of the fabric?

  10. Hi Maryann what type and make if spray paint did you use was fabric paint? Thank you for your reply nice colour blind

  11. I swear we have these exact roman shades. I have been searching for white ones, but I am 99% sure I’m going to try this route now. Genius!!

  12. Hi Maryann, The previous owners of our new home had custom roman blinds made for two windows in the kitchen. They are the wrong color for my décor so I was trying to figure out how to make them work. Thanks for sharing this.. …you just saved me a pile of money!

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