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Happy Wednesday Friends…

Last month I shared with you guys the great new quiz from Glidden, Colortopia, that helps you discover the colors that you love.

This week I’ve got another great tool from Colortopia to share with you guys.  My Image Inspiration is a place for you to upload a photo that you are inspired by and that has colors you want to incorporate into your space.  It can be a photo of fabric from a pillow, a room you love, a piece of art… really anything. Once you upload it to their site the magic beings.  Once uploaded you can select the area you want to draw the colors from.  Then it will show you paint colors from your selected area… so cool!  Then you select the color you want to focus on and it will create a palette around that color.

Here’s mine…

my color inspiration

I picked a tropical beach photo… you guys know I adore the beach.  I focused in on an area where there were a variety of shades.

Check out the colors it picked.  If you saw my Power of Paint Party post last night one of those shades should stand out to you… Pebble Gray!  I painted that color on my wall before I used this tool… crazy, huh!  So of course I picked Pebble Gray.  Then on the right side you can see the palettes it created around Pebble Gray.  Super cool and fun!  I think I might need to incorporate that Teal Lake in my family room too… LOVE that color!

From the site you can take your results and print them off or share them too.

I can see using this tool to completely build and design a room around an inspiration item.  You can figure out your paint color and use the other colors on your palette for accessory and fabric choice inspiration.

Do you have a room that you need a starting point to decorate with?  What photo did you upload?  What color did you pick?


I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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