Utensil Stamped Dish Towels

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These Utensil Stamped Dish Towels are so easy to make with items you probably already own! This great craft is perfect as a teacher’s gift or anytime you need to have a present to give on the fly. They could be a fun holiday gift too by changing up the colors.

Utensil Stamped Dish TowelsUtensil Stamped Dish Towels Materials:

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Wooden Utensils White Towel

How to Make Stamped Dish Towels

To start, make sure that you have plenty of wax paper. This will save you from a lot of mess during this project. Lay a long strip of wax paper underneath the hemmed end of the edge of a flour sack towel. Mix paint and fabric medium by following the directions on the fabric medium bottle. (The fabric medium will help the paint to better adhere to the fabric.) Dip your utensil of choice into the paint/medium mixture and apply it to the towel in your favorite pattern.

Stamped Black White Stripes

I used a few different inexpensive utensils to make my stamped towels, but there are so many other kitchen items that would be great to work in this manner. Note: I purchased wooden utensils specifically for this project, however, do not use your grandmother’s heirloom kitchen hand-me-downs to stamp these towels, since the paint will stain the wood. If you want to use something you already own like plastic, heat-safe rubber, or even metal, these would probably be a better choice, since acrylic paint can easily be washed off of all of them.

Below, you can see how each of the utensils was used to make a pattern on the towel fabric.

I dipped the pointed end of the tenderizer mallet in the paint mixture to create a tiny dot pattern across the bottom edge of the towel.

Tenderizer Mallet Stamped Towel

With the spatula, I just rolled the edge, which was slightly rounded, along in a line to create a skinny striped pattern. I love how organic the lines look!

Spatula Stamped Towel

Lastly, I used the end of the wood spoon handle to make a polka dot row on the final towel.

Spoon Handle Stamped Towel

These towels turned out so cute and are so easy to make. I love how the striped towel looks hanging off the front of our new coffee bar.

Coffee Bar Stamped Towel

I figured that I could reuse my specific wooden utensils multiple times to make the same Utensil Stamped Dish Towels to give as hostess/housewarming gifts. Since this is such an easy project, it is definitely something you could whip up on your way out the door to a neighborhood party.

Utensils Stamped Dish Towels - a 5 minute craft that would make a great gift idea~

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