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Valentine’s Day Burlap

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With all the Christmas goodies packed away my mind has turned to winter and Valentine décor.   I hadn’t created a new burlap sign in a while so I thought I’d create a Valentine’s Day burlap sign.

Valentine’s Day Burlap

Have you used Wordle before?  It is an oh-so-cool website where you can create subway style word art.  You plug in the words you want and then you can change the colors, font and the layout.  You can read more about it in the post I wrote here.

Such a fun display for your Valentine’s Day decor!  It would also make a great Valentine’s Day gift.  You can learn how to make your own burlap signs here!


Valentine's Day Burlap Sign


  1. I was wondering if you are still selling your burlap prints? I am interested in a few ~ are prices the same as listed?

  2. So cute! What did you do for a frame here? It looks like the burlap art is not behind glass, but rather pinned in place… is that right? Just curious if it’s a cork board or something special other than a standard frame. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Sara ~ The frame is just a basic black from either Ikea or Walmart (it’s been a while since I bought it). I used foam board and cut it to fill the opening on the back of the frame. Then I used upholstery tacks to hold it in place.

  3. Love Wordle…it is so awesome to have all the capablilites that it does and best of all it is FREE. I ♥ your Valentine Subway art. Thank you for sharing.

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